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选对专业的365体育投注可靠吗_365体育投注网址多少_365体育投注备用网站模板,帮你提高 ? 2 倍求职成功率
  • Intern Intern Little to no experience, looking for part-time jobs or internships
  • Full-time Full-time Had a few internships, applying for new internships or jobs
  • Master Master Master's degree or study abroad programs
  • College College High school students applying to college/uni
  • Classic Classic Experienced professional looking for new opportunities
  • Professional Professional Investment banking, consulting and other competitive industries
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Formatting and layout can say a lot about a candidate.

A glimpse at your resume and the recruiter has already decided your level of professionalism.

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90% of large companies use Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) to screen resumes with robots.

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WonderCV was a game-changer during my job search, when I needed to be constantly sending out resume on-the-go, all on top of my coursework. I was able to draft high-quality resumes, cover letters, and emails with ease. Joshua
Grad Student @ Columbia
Candidates think charts and colors make my life easier… they don’t. When I look at a resume, I want to be able to quickly find the information I’m looking for. I wish WonderCV resumes were the standard! Lydia
Hiring Manager
This site taught me how to write my very first resume and has opened many doors for me. I love that there’s an app version! I’m able to send resumes and cover letters to people I meet at networking events and send quick follow-up emails. Michaela
Rising Junior @ UCLA
I often have candidates redo their resumes due to lack of quality. I was looking at some resume-building sites but none of them captured recruiter needs like WonderCV. It suits quality of places like Wall Street and Silicon Valley, where competitions are fierce and a tiny mistake can cost you an interview. Celine
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